COLES | Mulgrave

This rooftop terrace was a long time in planning and was worth the wait. Staff are treated to a beautifully created area with a mixture of timber & stone finishes with a hint of nature in the custom-made garden beds and synthetic grassed area. Neighbouring the existing rooftop basketball court, we had limited space to work with when creating this area and numerous crane lifts were required to ensure all materials could brought up to the 30m high rooftop. Wind was a huge factor throughout the entirety of this project and special precautions had to be taken to ensure nothing was lost over the edge of the building, including scaffold protection & the landyarding of roof sheets & timber beams.

  • Client Industry: Corporate
  • Project Budget: $260K
  • Location: Mulgrave, VIC
  • Project Build Time: 8 Weeks
  • Designer: Graypuksand
  • Location Size: 200m2